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THE 90 stands for integrity and value. These principles guide our work, every day. We strive to provide value to our clients and we genuinely care about helping owners improve and protect their businesses.

What does THE 90 mean?

Almost all of an iceberg is underwater. Unfortunately, the part that’s submerged – about 90% of an iceberg’s total mass – is the most dangerous. But once those hidden risks and vulnerabilities are identified, it is much safer to navigate around the iceberg. And that’s the inspiration for our business name: THE 90.

Greg Wakeham

Risk & Resilience Specialist

Greg has provided property and liability risk management and insurance consulting services to Australian and international corporations, venues, governments and major public events for over 20 years. Greg’s specific expertise is in developing risk management strategies for high-hazard facilities, as well as organisations that cater to large numbers of patrons and guests, such as major public venues and event.

He also has extensive expertise in inspecting high-risk liability operations, developing risk improvement strategies that reduce public and products liability incidents and claims. Greg is also engaged by insurance companies to provide advice on the insurability of their clients.


m. 0413 570 600

Luke Robinson

Risk & Resilience Specialist

Luke has more than 20 years local and international experience in risk managing large scale events, festivals and public programs.

He has been responsible for the risk, safety, security and emergency management of numerous high- risk events and public facilities. Luke also has extensive experience and skill in the areas of stakeholder engagement, consultation and facilitation.


m. 0419 284 272

Greg & Luke have worked with a wide range of clients including:

Maddi Wakeham

Trainee Risk and Resillience Specialist


m. 0426 833 378

Bianca Cocozza

Operations Manager


m. 0414 335 336

City Sky

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